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tv   Headline News  RT  June 15, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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breaking news this hour on r.t. turkish police use water cannons and tear gas on protesters in istanbul's taksim park just hours after the prime minister threatened to use force to remove them. from. moderate clerics rouhani takes almost fifty one percent of the vote to become iran's new president the question now for the outside world is whether he'll change the country's nuclear ambitions. and syria calls us claim to use chemical weapons fabricated or russia which is also unconvinced condemns washington's decision to arm rebels as an undermining of peace efforts.
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welcome it's coming to you live from moscow it's eleven pm on saturday night in the russian capital now to our breaking news story tear gas and water cannons of being used by police to disperse crowds of protesters gathered in istanbul's taksim square this comes shortly after the turkish prime minister issued yet another warning to protesters saying security forces will intervene if they don't clear the square by sunday. now joins us live from istanbul arena good evening to you what exactly is happening right now. at this point we can at this point we can talk about this being completely cleared out protesting i think you by the you can see it now we have some ambulance vehicles there and if you will if you can look at the court in a corner just to you probably see people that are just smelling everything in taksim in the gezi park and this is that basically what is happening here right now is that police. i have actually entered the gezi park for the first time in two
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weeks and they are taking apart all the tents and all the barricades that people have built there now we also know that neither media nor medical personnel are actually allowed at this point in the park itself and as you have mentioned this all of this comes just an hour after prime minister no one yet again said that this protest will not be tolerated and that's all the tents will have to be gone by sunday and you have to understand that there are hundreds of tents that were in there people were literally living there for weeks and of course now a lot of people that have left docks square or other pushed out by police with water cannons and tear gas they're all now in congregating in. the streets that are leading up to talks to square one of the main thoroughfares with all the shops and extremely extremely popular public attraction actually i think it's blocked by the by the crowds right now i could hear them cheering and yelling slogans anti-government slogans and they're also cordoned off by police that the did use
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water cannons to try and cool them down but that obviously didn't work so these people are not going anywhere and of course this is yet another this is yet another . dispersal of protest in istanbul this week we had another one on tuesday and then if you look at the city like on karada the capital of turkey the protests which are dispersed by police with water cannons and tear gas have been going on there on a daily basis and only two nights of those days were the occasions when police did not interfere on other occasions you how to always you are always you are sorry i believe they're using the pepper spray and tear gas again because we have just heard clashes and starting to get a little hard to breathe at this point but it does look like we're looking at the interesting situation here in istanbul and in one car as well of course you have to understand this all of this comes just within hours after the prime minister held a rally of his supporters in on crossed over again. just before that he said it's
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getting tired of holding back his supporters who are also against the demonstration that's and protest in gezi park and on taksim square he has been on numerous occasions called these protests looters and alcoholics and extremists and said that none other than foreign forces are behind the entire protests which have been literally raging on in turkey for the past two weeks but even though this is a major move when it comes to dispersing protests that we're talking about get the cork now being evicted i do not think that we'll seeing the end of it just yet because like i said there are thousands of people that are on the streets of istanbul right now so again we have to wait and see how this iteration develops from here. thank you very much ati's arena across. turkey for stay on. well austin mackell a specialist on the middle east who's covered under arrest in the region says the protesters have little chance of getting their message across and that's the unified what we see here is
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a is an urban primarily. from the secular western facing turks because you used to having a very strong politics in china having allowed the police the most powerful voice in the presence in the country and the. did was to tell these the mists was upset it's now did you know this is a really positive element to the protests in sort of the young kids in just in good politics you know we in the west and elsewhere around the world trade center fight with the yearning for greater freedoms but there's a real danger that if the if the just the kids don't get their act together so seriously that they what they're going to do is end mainly benefiting the generals and the old school sick you look forward to.
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moderate cleric haasan rouhani is iran's new president the reformist backed former secretary of the supreme national security council and x. nuclear negotiator won fifty one percent of the vote in the election to avoid a runoff he'll inherit a country with that mcconnell me badly hurt by western sanctions aimed at tehran's nuclear program artie's maria financial was following the vote on reports from the capital. people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate their victory all . mixed feelings. is known as a reformist carries. specially in terms of great. diplomatic isolation the country has been on the job sanctions for years now over
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its. nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights. group procure relations whereas. he's criticized many times for making remarks that cost the country credibility but at the same time instead of iran realize that the iranian system works with major power held by. the supreme leader the president can do little to change things. the supreme leader has the final years like. syria for example. the president can. still. phone the chief nuclear negotiator rouhani. conciliatory approach. or the west will now be hoping that
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a reformist president in iran changes the direction of the nation's nuclear ambitions the white house has already stated it's ready for direct talks on the issue of former u.s. national security council and state department officials flynt and hillary mann leverett said their predictions on the matter with my colleague sean thomas. there is a constraint in washington not not in terror on that at this point many of the saying sions have been written into u.s. law all and president obama even if iran did everything the us wants to do on the nuclear issue he's not able to lift many of the sanctions now and he also is able to certify that congress that iran is cut off all ties to groups that the us government insists on calling terrorist organizations and is basically become a secular liberal state obama and the united states are now him then on sanctions and so even if iran offered up some concessions which is hillary said i don't think
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it's going to do it's not really clear iran would get much in return a new round of u.s. sanctions are coming into order on july first how do you see the next leader handling this long standing issue each of the candidates that have been put before the iranian public each of them has expressed concern about the sanctions each of them has expressed real concern about the economy and as such has come up with various plans to address the economic points on on iran's agenda whoever is the next president is going to put the economy very close to the top of their list and to addressing the sanctions but it would be a mistake to believe that the next president even if it is someone that would be more to washington's liking that next president is going to make any substantially different concessions on the nuclear issue chip it appears washington to ease the sanctions. still ahead for you here on r.t. this hour who owes her world leaders can expect frosty welcome as anti capitalist protesters in the u.k. come together head of a g.
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eight meeting to claim banks and corporations are responsible for the country's debt and should be paying up. as we report on how the man who blew the whistle on american government espion our. own citizens is getting a lot of public support. syria's government has condemned claims by washington that it used chemical weapons as a caravan of lies based on fabricated information damascus also accused the white house of double standards in dealing with terrorism after it announced it would send weapons to rebels the u.s. could also impose a no fly zone over parts of syria artie's gun has more details. the white house says it's the session to arm syrian rebels is based on intelligence that the assad government has used chemical weapons to mask denies the allegations washington cites its own intelligence community as well as french and british intelligence a u.s. official who declined to be identified told the media here that according to
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a cia report the u.s. has acquired blood urine and hair samples from two syrian rebels one dead and one wounded and according to the cia report those two rebels were exposed to nerve agent sarin brian becker and he is here with me today to talk about thank you what the administration tries to present as definitive evidence that the assad government has used chemical weapons we don't know much about the evidence that they have but this report about two rebels do you think that could be enough for the cia to come up with definitive conclusions well no the evidence is dubious it's very scant in fact but it's really not about the evidence it's not even about weapons of mass destruction is not about sarah nerve gas there's been an acknowledgement in washington that if you want to take this country to war either by bombing another country or intervening or occupying raise the specter of weapons
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of mass destruction and that's the ticket in order to get massive media coverage justifying an escalation and that's what's going on there's been a decision taken by the white house to escalate this is just a red herring not a red line the phrase that we often hear in washington these days is we need to tip the balance seen the other direction meaning in the direction of the rebels but behind that technical sounding phrase tipping the balance is a lot of killing that would have to be done to achieve that goal right to what lengths do you think the u.s. is ready to go to achieve a desired outcome in syria tipping the balance is just a euphemism and in fact bizarre and ridiculous the fact of the matter is this civil war which is taking ninety three thousand. lives according to the united nations was fueled by outside forces got their turkey saudi arabia who are they the proxies or allies of the united states and britain and france nato powers they've been funneling arms into syria creating the conditions for civil war in fact promoting
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civil war i would say they have a lot of blood on their hands senator mccain is a very active supporter of of an aggressive u.s. intervention in syria and he's everywhere now on all news channels applauding the administration's decision to arm the rebels in one of the interviews he suggested that he'd talk all the way to extremists taking over syria because they would not be allied with iran and it's not just him who constantly mentions iran in the context of these discussions how much of this is about in your opinion well john mccain's comments are very interesting but but not unusual if you look back the last thirty years the united states has made the my enemy's enemy is my friend the theme of its foreign policy and armed osama bin ladin the mujahideen against the afghan government because it was a socialist government and aligned with the soviet union mccain is a cheerleader for war but what is the real goal yes iran is the target iran ultimately because of its alliance with syria its alliance with hezbollah in lebanon ultimately the u.s. wants to destroy assad in weaken hezbollah and finally destroy the islamic republic
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of iran not because it wants a more democratic iran but because it wants a puppet government or proxy like they used to have when they have the shah. the fear is that the message that the rebels will receive with the weapons is not go sit down and talk the message will be go fight and kill which kind of kills the chances of a political solution doesn't it brian becker anti-war activist in washington i'm going to second. well russia is also unconvinced by america's chemical weapons findings saying it would make no sense for assad to deploy talks accost no foreign minister lavrov also slammed washington's decision to arm rebels saying it undermined peace efforts. he has more on moscow's response the russian foreign minister revealed that it was very regrettable that when the allegations of rebel syrian rebels using chemical weapons at the town of aleppo were made public by the syrian government it's time to ask the u.n.
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commission to investigate and nothing was eventually done but only when the allegations of the syrian government using the chemical weapon of weapons appeared to the experts stark's that it was conducted a certain investigation on this matter also revealed that for some time his partners in the west and israel have been saying all along that the syrian government would only use chemical weapons if it's backed against the wall so. the syrian regime hasn't been pushed into the corner the regime according to the rebels is advancing on the ground what's the point of the regime using chemical weapons and in such small amounts to set itself up. with the chemical weapons usage by the syrian government the alleged chemical weapons usage now being hotly debated across the atlantic as well as the calls to arm the syrian rebels a lover of said that he didn't believe that the red line the so-called red line was actually crossed first of all because what the united states believes to be the
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proof of assad using chemical weapons is not a substantial proof at all mainly because the proof gathering process itself was not made in accordance with international regulations. just. there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine and clothes and soils can be classed as evidence only if these samples were collected by the organizations experts and if these experts controlled the samples and rude to the born tories are u.s. colleagues failed to assurance that these procedures were here to level off also reminded that recently allegedly its wealth people from the front syrian rebels were detained in turkey carrying chemical weapons also unconfirmed reports of chemical weapons being produced in iraq for the syrian rebels lavrov found it's very regrettable as well that these reports even despite being unconfirmed did not
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cause any concerns in the west a latte will be keeping you fully up to date with the chemical weapons allegations involving both sides of the syrian conflict among other things our website looks at the un commission report from a month ago there were veiled suspicions that the opposition not the government was behind the asian sarin gas in syria had to dot com for that and much more will be back in a few minutes. wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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welcome back to r.t. coming to you live from moscow a mass rally has been held in belfast to challenge the policies and priorities of world leaders due to meet at the g eight summit in northern ireland on monday over
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a thousand people marching into the corporations accused of dodging the payment of huge sums of tax it follows protest in london when riot police moved against demonstrators just to disperse them after an hour's long standoff polly boyko has the details. and here austerity campaign is and environmentalist have gathered here in what they call the penthouse suite of global capitalism otherwise known as canary wharf london's business district home to a number of banks such as j.p. morgan and barclays now it's an event called they owe us and their day in the title is aimed squarely at g eight leaders who are set to meet for the start of the g eight summit hosted by britain in northern ireland on monday the protesters gathered here come from a number of different organizations but they all say that they're concerned with one thing and that's the concentration of wealth and power that the g eight summit represents so next week at the g eight david cameron is going to be saying that he's saving the world he's come out with all these great policies that make things
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better for you know that's just not true he's making decisions and all those leads in fact making decisions that are in the interests of the financing to haitians of these large corporations and the interests of normal people the banks out so. quoted to me we've got to max out i mean is there a debt to us you know we're not in debt to them so this simple stuff earlier this week anti capitalist protesters clashed with riot. in central london and around sixty arrests were made one was on the lips of many of the protests as we speak into today's inequality while this business district is home to a number of investment banks separate the god and territory norm one of london's poorest areas where four out of ten children live in poverty so with further government spending cuts on the way protests disappointing the finger of blame at the banks and the politicians reporting from canary wharf in london. for. the upcoming college a report delves into the corporate dirty laundry that is so i'm going to accomplish
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a sneak preview of what marx and stacy discussed later this hour. sold down the river how thames water diverts its tax liability via the caribbean despite five hundred forty nine million pounds profit and six point seven percent price hike. yeah the story's got it all here you have a basic utility that was built for built by the taxpayer built by the people in britain through their taxes over the years as part of the common wealth part of the public domain essentially that gets privatized through corruption in government what this government of the previous government of the previous government it's corruption then you've got private contractors and they destroy it they loaded up with debt and it doesn't even function anymore as an operating until the so people are swimming in their own fecal matter paying huge taxes and watching the price of water go up for the thames which is as you see right behind me a flowing river through the city of london for thousands of years it doesn't
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require privatization and financial rape but nevertheless that's what britain gets from front fraud fraud that's all they do and you're a sucker. the cyber standoff between the u.s. and china has taken a new twist and made revelations of potentially wholesale industrial espionage by washington the same system that spies on millions of americans is alleged to be stealing the communications of countless chinese the idea of being spied on has led to displays of outside capitol hill although even protesting is proving a challenge. michael battle with united states capitol police colonel you are demonstrating without a permit the. use of the this is this is war we are entitled to it it was a right there was we need to tell groups that were not more than twenty people in the group because apparently more than twenty people are angry you can't have
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a demonstration without a permit. so we're going to bring to the park maybe we'll just have their cells and moving past conference we're supposed to have the ability to congregate to address grievances to our government and this is the one of the biggest scandals ever and we're not. to do that what does that say protestors here voiced their support for edward snowden the man who admitted to being the source of leaking classified documents to the guardian he exposed widespread government surveillance being conducted by the n.s.a. amid these revelations protesters here voiced their concern about government powers i think these discussions about snowden are really a distraction what we need to be focusing on isn't whether or not what he did was lawful it's whether or not what the agency did was lawful what we do or don't do as a society. this massive accumulation of power to the contrary information information about people's personal lives as well as their sense if relation
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gathered every detail like trying to get to. us while protesters here celebrate snowden's actions calling him a whistleblower some calling him a hero government officials have condemned his actions including some members of congress snowden is believed to be in hong kong right now here at the capital is wall. in hong kong hundreds of also taking to the streets in support of edward snowden demonstrators urged the government not to extradite the n.s.a. whistleblower rushing out to the u.s. sweeping surveillance programs he exposed they also handed over a letter to the u.s. consulate accusing washington of allegedly conducting song against hong kong violating the rights of people around the world. turning to some other international news now starting with pakistan where at least fourteen people have been killed by a bus bomb as
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a university for women in the city of cueto another blast was then reported at the hospital where the injured were treated followed by a fierce gun fight in which at least four security officers and four attackers were killed and in a separate attack three rocket propelled grenades hit the former residence of pakistan's founder hammad ali jinnah. this morning rest in libya city of benghazi where special forces have clashed with armed gangs outside a military base in the east of the city six soldiers have been confirmed that cycle early on friday a group of men forced their way into a different army compound to steal weapons tension between the population and the military has been on the rise in benghazi since the ousting of colonel gadhafi two years ago. up last at a second chemical plant in the easy on a in as many days has killed at least one person and injured seven others the accident happened as explosive nitrogen was being moved because i'm open from the international action center told all companies on politicians often accuse of
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turning a blind eye to it is all stuff when profits are at risk louisiana is what's called a right to work state in the united states right to work being you know euphemism for being that workers are not allowed the form of close shop contract and so there's hostile anti-union legislation that makes it very difficult for workers to organize them to form unions so as a result of that it's much more likely that the working conditions in such factories were non-unionized in states where there's a culture of anti-union politics it's much more likely that they would they would have these kind of accident really you know industries organize to make profits for a small group of people and the needs of the workers are last in the lives of the workers in their safety is last in the financial calculation the infrastructure of the united states is largely it's largely lacking and it's falling apart in many places. you're watching tape coming up next it's the cause of the things.
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you know when i was in school they would tell us stories about that other goofy economic system in the eastern bloc and about why it was doomed to fail they tell us how terrified communist bureaucrats would work very hard to give the illusion of a fish and see when their bosses were in town a century out of fear they would try to convince the state that everything was just fine they promise of a fresh coat of paint on some stuff bump up their numbers in the books and get employees to put a smile on for the cameras so they wouldn't lose their jobs yeah this our teachers told us was a sign of true doomed economics rolling the clock forward twenty or thirty years the bosses of the current global economic system are in town and many locations around the upcoming g eight summit in northern ireland are doing their best to hide
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their economic downturn from the media according to our t.v. news the government of northern ireland has spent two million pounds dealing with derelict buildings some of these buildings have simply been knocked out but some have been spruced up like butcher shops with images of meat stuck over the windows to hide their barren interiors or the now famous local office supply store which contains no office supplies at all but it sure does look nice and i guess that's what counts spending two million pounds to hype economic downturn from the g eight and other eyes whether than spending it actually you know improving the local economy seems like doomed economic practices to me but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some of the. part of it and realize that everything you. are
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welcome is a big. welcome to the cuz the report guys are you know much of the western debt fuel consumption addicted world we were row row row row in our boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily but that life was but a dream for in fact the reality is that we're up creek without a paddle stacey. max keiser literally if you listen to this first headline sold down the river how thames water diverts its tax liability via the caribbean despite five hundred forty.


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